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Real Estate

The Real Estate Division provides a variety of services to the public; including recordation of all Putnam County real estate deeds, plats, UCC filings, and lien filings.

We are proud to provide you with online real estate images dating back to the early 1800's! Historical Index Books from 1806-1833, Deeds back to 1810, Plats back to 1910 and Liens back to 2003!

Please note, that our office cannot provide real estate forms nor are we permitted to conduct legal research over the phone or in person. If you have questions regarding a property, you must conduct research independently or contact a title search company. To conduct independent research, you may visit our Deed and Records' Room and utilize our computer search terminal or search online on the Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) website - see the "Land Record Search" link below. There is a $5 fee for 4 hours of access.

The Deeds and Records' Room is located in the Clerk of Courts Office on the second floor of the courthouse. 

Should you need copies of a real estate document, you may utilize our online copy service by clicking the link below. This process allows our office to send you certified copies via email. 

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Old Books
Office copying machine
Filling Out Tax Form


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